Thursday, July 21, 2005

The New Exposure @ Sentosa

Awesome!!! We had our post rally event last saturday 16 July at an incredible place - Sentosa. I would say that it's an enjoyable one. Most of us, if not all, has lotsa fun. We have friends who joined us for the first time and others who came back after the youth rally. It was a time of getting to know each other better and bond building. Some photo treats for that day!!!

The East- zonites

Erm... can't make up what's the sand castle... well, that doesn't matter rite?

Tribal sand castle

Depicting the promises of God.. Going forth to the ends of the earth!!!

Post-modern sand castle theory..

What's up there?!

Behind a "tree"

Our co-ordinator of the day. Dun play play with him k...

The "Blow wind blow" craze...

Sunday, June 12, 2005

A fond farewell to kaijun and ben last sun before they enter into their phrase of manhood.

It's simply craziness and losing of urself! Well... guys, you know what I mean. We did have a good time at the gaming cafe.

Failed advertising campaign for pepsi. Good try!


Welcome to this world, Ryan! Let me introduce... this is my baby cousin. He's just begin his journey of new life three weeks back and this was taken upon his arrival. Peacefully asleep.

Sometimes a glance at newborns simply wow us at how marvellous is the work of God's hand. Like what the psalmist says, the Lord forms us while we are in our mother's womb. we are not evolved from some ape and there we are on earth. Each part of us is carefully kneaded by the Lord, every detail of us is given full attention with love.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Up and going

Almost did something irrational three weeks back. Thank God for His grace and the people He sent along the way to be there with me. Losing the momentum to move on, disappointed and hopeless. Can you imagine how a soldier feel when he has to face consistent defeats in the battle field and the aftermath of each battle lies wounded soldiers, rubble....? To every soldier, victory is the focal point. The moment you are on field, there is only one goal - to win the war.

The Lord reminded me a vision He gave me two years back. It was a chaotic scene of an aftermath of a war. Seemingly, it's been a feriousious one. Back then, I was probably puzzled what was the Lord implying. However, there is light to what He is wanting to tell us. The victory is sure. The Lord will restored back the army who will fight courageously. I felt the awakening of the Lord to put on my prayer gear. Now is the time!

I will be having another partner in the battlefield soon. He is a sure fighter. Really thank God for him and he is one of those who really lends a listening ear when I need to let out.

Gonna move on as a team and stop allowing the devil to molest us spiritually. The army of God will prevail!

Saturday, June 04, 2005


Our leaders outing at Sentosa... The photos came a bit late cos I din have time to upload them to my computer. These are just a showcase of a few of those capturing moments of that day. The rest of it will be posted on my imagestation soon.

Really been busy and stressed up lately with work. It a whole world of difference between working and studying. Thank God that Jess, my boss, is not as demanding as any other bosses. At least she still gives me grace and allow time for me to pick up the ropes. Well, somehow... you still ave to show something on your report card. I believe if the Lord has open a door to this job, He will lead me through.

@ Siloso Beach... can you spot us?

Beach volleyball under the HOT sun.

Group photo

shuch and shushu

A glimpse of His promises to remind us that He is faithful.....

Friday, May 27, 2005

A New Chapter

All things that begin must ultimately meet its end. A new chapter emerges with new vision, new hope and fresh encounters. Paul says in Philippians " Forgetting wat lies behind, pressing in towards the upward call of God". The shaking engineered by the Lord has awaken me to my calling. What are the challenges leading us to? God works all things for the good of those who love Him. We have to truly embrace the perfect love and grace of God to be able to see that.

High time we move as a team to conquer the promise land. It's time to lay aside personal agendas to take on the high calling. Time to resolve disappointments and differences to be united with one spirit.

We will make it through!

Sunday, May 15, 2005


WOSH!!!! I'm been pretty stress up recently with work... Enjoying my stuffs and it's kind of challenging. A total change of lifestyle and environment. I'm learning to adapt in the adult world to understand their thinking and to work with them. The most demanding part would probably be this rather than my job scope. Things are just different! Adults aint nice to play with when it comes to work.

The Lord has been doing some things in my little closet recently. Thank God that He is always mindful of us even when we seemingly have failed in our own eyes. I've dare to be transparent with Him regarding some issues and open up to people to talk about it. Finally, I felt that my cry is heard. Someone has paid precise attention after so long. I made myself very clear once and for all. I felt understood for once. I'm not given something that I've not asked for and being continually deprived of what I really need. The process of opening up hurts. It's like revisiting your unhealed wound and realise how much pain it can still bring you after so long. Well, I can be very open when people do give me time to express. Some deeper issues need time to be put in words right???

Deeper issues in life evolved mostly with people. Not doing anything is often doing something unproductive to a relationship. I'm not non-chalent about things but when it comes to this area, I'm probably more cautious than any other stuffs. If I have taken a first step without a recipocrated response from the other party, I'll probably just wait. For all I know, if I dun feel safe to to take another step further, I would never do so. So the question comes to me... Am I having a non-verbal expectation on the person? The Lord has to help me to deal with my fear and pride. Things still has to be confronted somehow.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Kaijun's birthday

This is a memorial photo of Tan Kaijun's 22nd birthday! While pacing to and fro for a good place to eat that day, we chance upon Ren Thai!!! Food there was superb and everyone enjoyed it.

The oldies in the youth ministry!!! haha

@ Ren thai... Deeze, Chowz and wosh